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Boutique Bag

It is the prototype of a retail bag. It is the paper bag that your customers deserve: practical, versatile and chameleonic, capable of reflecting the brand image you want for your business.

It adapts to all communication styles, from the most imaginative designs to the most minimalist.

Made with a wide range of papers, both virgin and recycled fiber, it comes in multiple sizes and with impressive finishes, making it a unique bag for your business.​


Turnover Top Bag

Custom bags with twisted handles and inner flap, made with heavier-weight papers and an inner flap from which the handles emerge, concealing the protective patches that attach the handles to the bag itself. A great finish for a luxurious bag.

Bodegon bolsa solapa vuelta
ISFLAT bolsa de papel


Flat Handle Bag

This is the all-purpose bag that best adapts to different categories of stores that sell very varied, bulky, wide or heavy products. Also, it is the ideal bag for establishments that provide home delivery service, whether for food or other items.

The formats and sizes are as broad as the needs it satisfies.

Its flat handles provide a comfortable and ergonomic carrying experience, especially when carrying heavy or bulky purchases.​


Super Bag

We have developed a section that specializes in supermarkets or department store bags. Our bags are the perfect choice to carry purchases of a wide range of products with various shapes, different weights, and even moistened ones.

They have great capacity and resistance to carry everything, and they can carry more than 10 kg as they are made with long-fiber virgin kraft papers.

Super bags give consumers confidence due to their resistance and a clear image of contributing to caring for the planet when they are used.​

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Multipurpose Bag

A new material for a new bag, which combines the high printing quality of paper, the durability of fabric and the versatility of textiles.

It has a soft touch, is easily foldable and its exceptional tear resistance guarantees excellent functionality.

Its look and feel is more pleasant, giving broad visibility to brands.

Consumers use it to buy several times or to carry their things.


Light Bag

ISBAG is the most imaginative paper bag in existence. Its structure and light shape says it all.

It is full of details that endow it with a vivid personality and versatile aspects, including options such as die-cut or twist handles and even adhesive tape, ideal for gifts or for the safety of your purchase.

Now, ISBAG makes the difference in your commerce.

Isbag bodegon


Gift Envelope

Increase customer experience with the most practical and eye-catching envelopes that enhance valuable or gift articles delivery.

They come in two versions: one without lateral gussets, with an elegant flap that can be sealed with self-adhesive tape, giving the customers privacy when purchasing; and a second version, more functional, which comes with bottom and lateral gussets and a practical upper fold that allows to close the pouch with a greeting label or your brand label.


Online Sales Envelope

An envelope prepared to make the best shipment, which can be used by the customer himself in case of return, since it has a double self-adhesive flap.

Made out of highly resistant paper and with a great capacity for customization, it is the ideal envelope to meet the new challenges of online sales.

With everything in mind, we also present a version with a die-cut handle easily usable as a bag.

Add value to your shipments with a “go and come back” envelope that fits the most varied products in size and weight.

Be closer to your customers’ wishes by making things easier for them and be more sustainable with the GO & COME BACK envelope.

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Bodegon ISLUXE


Luxury Bag

These are bags designed to enhance the experience of purchasing exclusive products.

Each bag is carefully handcrafted, seeking the perfection that corresponds to the category and the products of the prestigious brands they represent. As they are handmade bags, their range of formats and finishes is  virtually infinite, ranging from laminates, thermography, dry relief pringing, UVI varnishes, as well as a great variety of handles.

ISLUXE is the sheer expression of a high-range bag.


Rope Bandle Bag

Custom-made rope handle bags,  which are manually finished with cardboard reinforcements, both over the bottom and the flap. This semi-luxury finish enhances the look and visuality of these bags.

We use the same materials, sizes and paper than our twisted handle bags, reducing the height by 5 cm.

ISLUX bodegon

Generic Range

Asa retorcida modelo

Twisted handle bags

Bolsa asa plana

Flat handle bags

Isbag bolsa ligera

Light bag

ISGIFT bodegon sobres

Gift envelope

Online sales envelope

Our range of generic bags and envelopes are manufactured in a wide array of sizes and colors to meet the most demanded needs in the market.

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