Good for sustainability

Paper bags are cultivated, they are born in specific paper making plantations that are constantly renewed. For every tree that is cut down, 3 new ones are planted. Paper fiber is natural, renewable and inexhaustible.

At Innovaciones Subbética we work with PEFC® and FSC® Chain-of-Custody certifications, which guarantee that the paper used in the manufacture of our bags comes from forests managed in an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable way.

Good for stopping climate change

The plantations for producing paper fiber are large carbon sinks. By means of the photosynthesis, tree leaves capture carbon dioxide from the environment throughout their life, which remains forever captured in paper products. For instance, each kilo of paper for bags stores the equivalent of 1.3 kilos of CO2.

Thanks to this and a sustainable production, paper bags have a negative carbon footprint.

Good for protecting the environment

Paper bags are biodegradable, if a paper bag ends up abandoned in nature it will not damage the earth, the rivers or the seas. Since it is a natural product, made with paper fiber, printed with water-based inks and using respectful glues, it would biodegrade between 2 and 5 months’ time without damaging the environment.

Paper bags have seven lives. They can be recycled over and over again up to 7 times, favoring a circular economy and saving in new raw material.

Good for consumers

It is the one that 93% of consumers want to receive.

It is the one that 90% of consumers recognize as the most ecological and eco friendly.

87% of consumers value the positive image of those businesses that offer it.

91% of consumers recommend businesses to use it.

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