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How much are you willing to sacrifice in promoting your brand?

New shopping experiences at the point of sale, sensory marketing that transforms our perceptions, flagship stores in the best corners of the world, merging online with physical shopping, revolutionary merchandising, prolific influencers, sustainable circularity as a flag, and the agonizing struggle for the survival of small businesses. Yes, new trends

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Bicircularidad de la bolsa de papel

Bicircularity in paper bags

The concept of bicircularity in paper bags is an innovative practice that promotes a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifecycle. From tree planting to paper manufacturing, the transformation into bags, their distribution to consumers, and subsequent recycling, each stage of the process is carefully integrated into a continuous cycle. This infographic

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La versatilidad nos lleva más lejos

Versatility takes us further

Discover export excellence with our wide range of paper bags, meticulously designed to meet all business needs, whether for physical stores, e-commerce platforms or home delivery services. We stand out in the market thanks to our flexibility, exceptional quality and firm commitment to the environmental sustainability of our products. Thanks

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Facing Climate Change: Everyday Actions for a Global Impact

The perception of climate change has evolved significantly over time, shifting from being a topic of debate with divided opinions to a reality accepted by the scientific community and evidenced by extreme phenomena such as heatwaves, floods, and droughts. These events have not only changed our perception but have also

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Still don’t have the E-Commerce “GO & COME BACK” envelope?

The “Go & Come Back” envelope
is the ecological solution to meet
the logistical needs of online sales
since it is being prepared
for returns made with the same envelope.
It is made of highly resistant paper
in an attractive havana color.
It saves material, protects contents and does not need fillings.

Do you know how much CO2 you have eliminated with your paper bag?

Each kilo of paper in your bag has captured 1.3 kilos of carbon dioxide from the environment. This is how you contribute to stopping climate change and make your business more sustainable with your paper bag.

The good footprint of your business

industria sostenible

Establishments which offer their customers paper bags are contributing to stopping climate change. The natural fibers that make up the paper have absorbed carbon dioxide from the environment and have been grown on sustainable and certified plantations.

Leave your good footprint today so that climate will be better tomorrow.

It is as natural to facilitate a healthy life for people as it is for the planet.

You have to say and do. Much is said and done with paper bags.

The consumer knows that putting in their hands a bag of natural and renewable fibers is natural.

The role of paper bags

The role of paper bags is crucial for the brand image and corporate responsibility of businesses.

It is about providing a basic service to consumers so that they can carry their purchases from the point of sale to their homes, something that is very basic and we sometimes forget, but commercial bags are not an accessory or a whim, they are an absolute necessity.

Bolsas de papel

It is clear that when customers buy in your store that is because they feel identified with your brand.

They also show they have chosen you when they walk around carrying your paper bags.

If the paper bag is your brand, give it out proudly. Your customers deserve it.

We gain maximum recognition in the
BCR CP standard

The certification obtained by Innovaciones Subbética is the BRC: Global Standard for Consumer Products – Personal Care and Household.

BRC stands for British Retail Consortium, a company founded in 1996 by retailers who wanted to harmonize food safety standards across the supply chain. BRC publishes a array of BRC Global Standards recognized worldwide and the BRC certification certifies compliance with one of these standards.

The audit was carried out by the prestigious DNV certifying body, which has awarded us an AA grade, the best rating of the standard.

This certification is an evident example of our commitment to legality, safety and quality in our bag production processes.

What bag best walks your brand down the street?

Undoubtedly, the paper bags from your business. They spread your brand image clearly and legibly, respecting the design and colors of your logo.

Their differentiation and environmental qualities makes them worthy of taking your brand wherever your customers go.