We create innovation

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Sense of belonging

Being born in the Sierra Subbética, a crossroads of cultures and centennial olive trees, has given us a unique perspective on how to do our work with authenticity and local commitment, while having a global vision.

We are proud to keep our feet on the ground and cultivate a deep connection with nature to move forward towards constant innovation in the creation of the most extensive range of paper bags.


What distinguishes us is our ability to listen to and adapt to our customers’ requirements, which has allowed us to create value and manufacture the best personalized bags for different segments of establishments: boutiques, luxury stores, urban retail, supermarkets, mass consumption, delivery to home and online sales.

​​We develop high technological quality in production and printing with our renewed and advanced state-of-the-art machinery equipment.

​We design each bag according to the capacity and resistance appropriate to the volume and weight they must carry. We take into account the level of traction exerted on the handles when lifting the bag and the pulses they receive when walking from one place to another. We work with the most diverse types of special papers, combining resistance with the visual beauty that a paper bag must always provide.

We are different because we provide the best services to every establishment.​​

Your Brand is our paper bag

Our paper bags speak themselves about your brand, carrying your business image wherever your customers go.

When customers walk around the city with your paper bags, they are displaying the businness they have chosen for their purchases, spreading your brand image.

Different studies on consumer behavior show that 85% of passers-by notice the brands of the bags that people carry on the street.

Paper is the ideal support to faithfully reproduce your brand’s identity.

Our high printing quality, care in the treatment of colors and a wide variety of textures in our papers, along with various finishes, allow us to perfectly reflect the personality that you want to convey about your business.

When you offer your customers a paper bag you are giving the best of your business.​


Our commitment to innovation, efficiency and customer satisfaction allows us to increase our international projection by being present in various countries in Europe and America.​

High production capacity, the quality of our bags and integral logistics make us more competitive to meet the requirements of very different markets.​

The core of our logistics approach is based on cutting-edge warehouse technology for stock management and shipments to customers. ​

The process includes a point-to-point delivery system, facilitating customer-to-customer production scheduling and shipments as their demand evolves.


We maintain high quality standards in the global management of the company and are concerned about the environmental impact and social responsibility of our activities.

We have the following certifications:


ISO 9001

Which allows us to establish a solid system to control and continually improve the quality of processes and production.

ISO 14001

For environmental management, which endorses our commitment to sustainability and improving environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and waste reduction.


Global Standard for Consumer Products – Personal Care and Household. We hold the AA grade, the highest in the certification, which is an evident example of our commitment to legality, safety and quality in the production processes of our bags.​


Forest Stewardship Council and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

These certifications indicate that the paper in our bags comes from sustainably and responsibly managed sources. This implies that our production of paper bags contributes to forestry development, natural resources preservation and rural development.

Quality, Environmental, and Food Safety Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility

Chain of Custody Policy