The good paper bags

Do you know why your business paper bag contibutes to preserving the environment?


Developing the entire manufacturing process of a bicircular bag and contributing to the paper value chain, positions us as a responsible processing industry.

We are a company committed to environmental sustainability, maintaining an exceptionally low carbon footprint and establishing continuous plans for its reduction

We work with clean energy and use renewable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly raw materials such as paper and water-based inks and glue.

Our waste is recyclable and we manage its recycling process.

Their origin is renewable

To obtain pulp fiber, the raw material for our bags, specific forests are planted that are responsibly managed. For each tree that is cut down, three new ones are planted, thus the process is constantly renewed.

This way, paper forest areas grow year after year on land that was previously barren.

Our bags bear the forest certifications that guarantee their sustainable origin.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsementof Forest Certification (PEFC).

Certificaciones PEFC y FSC

They contribute to stopping climate change

Paper forests are a large carbon dioxide sink. Thanks to the miraculous process of photosynthesis, trees capture CO2 from the atmosphere, eliminating it from the environment.

The volume of paper we use to manufacture our bags entails the elimination of 7,500 tons of CO2 from the environment, thus contributing to stopping climate change.

The carbon stored in the paper of our bags remains forever there, and every time they are recycled.

They are biodegradable

Our paper bags do not pollute the environment, so we ship them with a very clear conscience.

All of their components: pulp fibers, inks and glues biodegrade naturally.

If a bag were lost in nature by mistake, it would degrade over a period of between three and five months and would not harm the fields, rivers, or seas.

They are recyclable

Thanks to the fact that consumers place paper bags that are no longer useful in the blue container, they are retrieved and recycled.

The bicircularity of our bags begins with the renewable virgin pulp fiber and goes on to a second cycle made up of recycled fiber.

Our bags make a difference in that their pulp fiber can be used as a reaw material up to seven times, thus contributing to resource optimization and waste reduction.

They are reusable

Our paper bags have been created to withstand multiple uses while maintaining their functionality and quality.

Our studies have shown that they can be safely used more than 5 times to make the same purchase for which they were used for the first time.

The durability and resistance of our paper bags provides consumers with a sustainable and reusable solution to transport their purchases or carry their belongings.