How much are you willing to sacrifice in promoting your brand?

New shopping experiences at the point of sale, sensory marketing that transforms our perceptions, flagship stores in the best corners of the world, merging online with physical shopping, revolutionary merchandising, prolific influencers, sustainable circularity as a flag, and the agonizing struggle for the survival of small businesses. Yes, new trends and consumption habits are shaping new sales models for commerce, but amidst this changing landscape, we cannot forget the importance of the most basic: when your brand is projected on a simple paper bag.

The perfect close of a sale is when you hand your customers a personalized paper bag to transport and protect their purchases on their way home. Imagine those customers proudly leaving your establishment, showcasing their purchase to the world as they carry your bag.

Depending on the type of purchase, consumers often stroll with a bag in hand for 20 minutes to 2 hours. Whether it’s daily shopping near home, weekly at a mall, or a day of shopping in the city center, the paper bag becomes a powerful symbol. The more personal and playful the shopping experience, the longer a customer will stroll with your bag, visiting more stores and contributing to the circulation of your brand.

An executive of a major distribution chain in Spain notes an increase in the influx of new customers in their stores when more people leave carrying their bags. The sight of those bags on adjacent streets acts as a magnet to attract more buyers.

The same happens with tourists, even those unfamiliar with the city they visit, identify the stores they want to visit by the increase in the number of people carrying their bags. We’ve all experienced the lure and purchasing mimicry that occurs in mall corridors when many shoppers carry the bag of the same commercial brand.

The paper bag draws attention to your brand. According to a study by the Media Analyzer research institute, 85% of passersby pay attention to the bags others carry on the street, observing the messages printed on them. There is no better advertisement than your own paper bag, visible and authentic, backed by the recognition of your own customers.

In a world where sustainability has become imperative, it’s essential for businesses to demonstrate a real commitment to the environment. According to a LinQ Market Research survey, 63% of Spanish consumers believe that paper bags significantly enhance the image of businesses. For the vast majority, the eco-friendly characteristics of these bags are key: they are biodegradable, ecological, renewable, and, above all, reusable and recyclable.

So, how much visibility and notoriety are you willing to lose if your customers leave your establishment without your paper bag? More than a simple bag, it’s your brand, a symbol of sustainability and commitment to the planet. A bag that not only accompanies a purchase but also stays in homes, ready for future shopping or to carry whatever is necessary.