We are excited to announce our Hispack 2024 participation!

Hispack 2024

Our motto for this event is simple but powerful: “we bring the best of each business.” We firmly believe in the importance of highlighting the best of each industry and channeling it into our paper bags. From craftsmanship to innovation, from tradition to the cutting edge, our stand will be a reflection of our commitment […]

How much are you willing to sacrifice in promoting your brand?

New shopping experiences at the point of sale, sensory marketing that transforms our perceptions, flagship stores in the best corners of the world, merging online with physical shopping, revolutionary merchandising, prolific influencers, sustainable circularity as a flag, and the agonizing struggle for the survival of small businesses. Yes, new trends and consumption habits are shaping […]

Bicircularity in paper bags

Bicircularidad de la bolsa de papel

The concept of bicircularity in paper bags is an innovative practice that promotes a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifecycle. From tree planting to paper manufacturing, the transformation into bags, their distribution to consumers, and subsequent recycling, each stage of the process is carefully integrated into a continuous cycle. This infographic clearly illustrates how paper bags […]

Versatility takes us further

La versatilidad nos lleva más lejos

Discover export excellence with our wide range of paper bags, meticulously designed to meet all business needs, whether for physical stores, e-commerce platforms or home delivery services. We stand out in the market thanks to our flexibility, exceptional quality and firm commitment to the environmental sustainability of our products. Thanks to our impressive production capacity […]

Facing Climate Change: Everyday Actions for a Global Impact

The perception of climate change has evolved significantly over time, shifting from being a topic of debate with divided opinions to a reality accepted by the scientific community and evidenced by extreme phenomena such as heatwaves, floods, and droughts. These events have not only changed our perception but have also driven a shift in individual […]

Innovation and Customer Service: Our new machines transform paper bag manufacturing.

At Innovaciones Subbética, we understand that excellence is a continuous journey. That’s why we’re excited to announce the addition of two state-of-the-art machines to our manufacturing process. This investment not only reflects our commitment to innovation but also marks a milestone in our production capacity. For our valued customers, this translates into tangible benefits. The […]