With Córdoba Fashion Journey: A Living Commitment to Retail Development

Córdoba Fashion Journey

We are proud to have been co-sponsors of the “II Córdoba Fashion Journey” event, held on June 20, 2024, at SILBON’s headquarters. This event highlights our firm commitment to retail development in Córdoba and reaffirms our dedication to supporting local talent and emerging brands.

The event featured high-level speakers, backed by market studies and their own entrepreneurial and creative experiences. A great deal of talented initiatives was shared, showcasing the enormous potential of the future brand “Moda Córdoba.” This brand is set to become a benchmark of innovation and diversity within Córdoba’s retail sector, projecting a strong image outward and reflecting a distinctive reality already present in a wide variety of Cordoban businesses.

The conviction to move forward together is the best starting point to make the unique and captivating identity of “Moda Córdoba” tangible. We firmly believe that this brand will not only inspire but also motivate the entire community to continue growing and developing.